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My February So Far!

The little darling I made the play dough with last year has been spending a lot of time with my lately…  So of course I have been thinking of things to do/make with her.  Here is a link to what we did the other day!


We had a ton of fun doing the finger knitting!!!  I gave her a skein of yarn, and told her to do it all!  After she finished she made it into an infinity scarf. =)  Very creative of her!  She just wrapped it around till it was the right length, then tied the ends together, and tide the rings together!!!

Now I found this great video for those rainbow loom bracelets without the loom!  Here is the video link:


So I am off to the craft store to buy some rubber band things with my 40% off coupon!

Have a blessed Thursday!


Planning for Spring!!!

I found a really neat fun run that happens in my area (and all across the country!) in May!  I am planning on doing it with a team of my friends and family!  Here is the race link:


Watch the video and try not to want to do it…  It’s impossible to not desire to rise to the challenge!  The best part is it’s family friendly, so if you are a runner with kids, don’t worry there is a heat just for you! =)

Of course to be able to do it I need to get into some sort of shape (other then my current donut shape! LOL).  Here is what I will be doing to train for the race:




(above: I might not do that one…  But something like it!)


Or this leg on:


The leg ones I am going to try each one for a week, and see what one works better with my other workouts!

To those I will add running, indoors or out.  Since it is a 5k that means it is 3.1 miles…  Not to much, but enough to be called a healthy run!

As I see results I will let you know dear readers if I will be able to do it!



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Crafts For My Lazy January!

Here are 6 links to some quick crafts to do on a long lazy January day:

1. Cute Button Bracelet:


2. Woven (recycled) Basket:


3. Book Clutch (nifty!):


4. Fast Infinity Scarf ( I’ve done it with quilting cottons):


5. Prepare For Spring Skirt:


6. Pop Top Jewelry:


I hope you get a chance to make some of these!

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Easy Oat Meal Cookies!

(plain chocolate chip)

I love these cookies!  Here is the link to the site were I found them:


I made some without the apricots and with chocolate chips and coconut instead.  And some more with chocolate chips and the apricots!  I also changed the cooking, I cooked mine at 325 and for only 9 minutes.

I am going to freeze a few of each type to serve when I have friends over this weekend!  We can have a cookie tasting.

Have a great week!



I couldn’t resist taking a bite while a found my camera!  They are really, REALLY GOOD!!

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Are You Wondering?

Are you wondering what I look like?  I have been blogging for awhile without any pictures of myself I realized…  So here I am:

I want to thank my friend E for taking this picture!  She took the picture in late August after I bought a new dress that I absolutely LOVE!  Don’t you think polka dots are amazing?!?!

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Forgetten Snapshot Of AZ!

I am missing Arizona right now… I saw this picture and I thought how lovely even the night sky was there. Here is one more little piece of AZ!

I LOVE pictures of the moon!  This one is not the best, but the moon is beautiful anyway you capture it.  Well at least I think so.

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Crochet A Rose!

I thought a cute rose would make a great hair accessory for summer so I made one!  I forgot to snap a picture of it before I gave it away though…  Whoops.

Here is the link to the pattern and the instructions for the stiches:





The instructions are easy to follow if you know how to do a chain, single crochet, double crochet, and a treble crochet.  I gave links for the last 3 of those stiches.  Here is a useful link with pictures for how to finish it:


Happy Crocheting!


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Snapshots Of AZ!

So I thought I would combine some pictures of my trip so far:

On the way down I sat with my sister and I had her take pictures for me from her window seat!

A look at some mountains while out hopping with the ladies!

The remains of a beautiful sunset after I got out of the pool!

I will be posting more “Snapshots Of AZ” in the near future!

Have a great weekend!


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On Vacation In AZ!

I am on vacation, so diet just isn’t working…  But I did manage to have some really good grilled meatballs!

And while I grilled them I enjoyed a nice raspberry lemonade and corn chips!

Then I dipped my feet in the pool to cool off:

That is a BAD picture of my BAD feet. =(

Hope you have a great Thursday!


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Zipper Pulls!

I noticed on my sute case that I am missing a zipper pull, so I thought I would crochet one for it!  Then I noticed that all the other ones look not as nice…  So I am going to make a few different one for all the outside zippers.  I used embroidery floss and a size F hook to make them.

The Leaf:

Here is the link to the website I found it on:


The Flower:



NOTE:  I started with a ch 4, instead of ch 5 so it would be smaller.  I also ch about 6 and wrapped it around the zipper thing and sl st it together.

I also made a butterfly, but I didn’t take a picture of it.  Here is the link:


I think any size would work of the butterflies.

I hope you enjoy making these!

Have a great weekend!


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The Diet!

It’s has been sort of off and on.  I am leaving on a trip to AZ on Monday for three weeks.  I had to go out to eat with some friends as a goodbye dinner, and ice cream with another friend…  The list goes on a little. =)  Anyway, today I hade spinach and a low carb sloppy Joe mix on top of it with cheese on that!!  It was pretty good.  Sorry I didn’t have the time to get a picture of it.

Have a great Friday!